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Work With An Experienced Probate Attorney

When a loved one dies and it is time to settle the individual’s estate in accordance with their wishes, it’s important to have a trusted, proven York probate attorney involved in the process. The team here at FrancePaskeySwope is ready to provide the service and resources you need to streamline the probate process.

With our York probate lawyers in your corner, you can effectively collect and distribute the assets of the deceased while addressing any legal issues (i.e., a will dispute, for example) that might come up along the way.

Trust FrancePaskeySwope For Your Estate And Probate Needs

If you are a personal representative of an estate, you have your proverbial plate filled with tasks. Settling an estate is intricate and cumbersome work – which is why a probate attorney in York, Pennsylvania, is such a valued asset.

With our probate lawyers in York, Pennsylvania, by your side, you can handle the many different needs that come with settling an estate – just a small snapshot of these potential processes includes:

  • Collecting property and assets
  • Appraising property
  • Preparing and filing all the necessary documents
  • Collecting life insurance
  • Settling tax debts
  • Addressing other forms of debt
  • And more

We know that you likely have questions throughout this process – and with good reason. Rarely – if ever – does someone know everything they need to know about settling an estate. Our York probate attorney team is knowledgeable and experienced, and we take the time to provide you with solid, helpful insight and guidance.

Gain Help And Insight From Our York Probate Lawyers

Making sure that an estate is dealt with accordingly is important – make sure it is done right by leaning on the helpful insight of our York probate attorney staff. To arrange a consultation, call us today at 717-931-5994 or use our online form.