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Representation For Pennsylvania Employers In Labor Relations

While unions offer employees an opportunity to protect their rights and interests, there is no such protection for employers. When your workers have unionized, you need to be sure you are able to navigate the obstacle course of labor law compliance while also defending your company’s interests. With the help of our skilled employment law team, you can.

At the York office of FrancePaskeySwope, we protect employers in all facets of labor relations. We understand how labor unions operate, and we can advocate for you through any disagreements or grievances you need to address. Our attorneys can help you quickly resolve any conflicts before they get out of hand, no matter how complex they may seem.

Our Experience With Labor Unions Is Your Benefit

We step up to the plate and protect our clients and their legal rights through any encounter they have with labor unions. Over the years we have been representing our clients in these situations, we have pursued optimal results in issues such as:

  • Claims of discrimination against employees
  • Claims of unfair labor practices
  • Retaliation for unionizing or asserting union rights
  • Negotiation of collective bargaining contracts
  • Failure to provide employee benefits
  • Claims of hostile work environment
  • Claims of unsafe working conditions
  • Wage and hour disputes

In addition to taking on these kinds of claims and allegations, we can act as your advocate through any negotiations a labor union may bring to you, like for increased compensation, more time off, scheduling requests or other employee demands. We understand that the longer these issues persist, the greater the potential impact on operations and your bottom line. As your employment law representation, we aim to help you pursue the outcome you deserve when dealing with labor unions with as little difficulty or time as possible.

Learn How We Can Help You

If your employees are talking about unionizing or have unionized, make sure you are protecting your rights as much as possible. Contact our Pennsylvania labor relations and labor union lawyers by calling us at 717-931-5994 or emailing us here and setting up for first appointment with us today.