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About Our Attorneys And Our Firm

Experienced in the law and focused on you, our team is always ready to tackle a new challenge. We are formidable counselors and litigators who can confidently stand up to any opponent, ready to win. We thrive on exploring, investigating and finding factors that can tip a legal dilemma in a client’s direction. We are also compassionate, responsive advisers for our clients who depend on our clear explanations and insightful counsel in transactions and other non-adversarial matters.

We are a team of four well-prepared lawyers, each accomplished in his own right. To learn about our backgrounds and qualifications, follow these links:

Hard Working In Pursuit Of The Right Results

Our honors and achievements have included Mr. France’s service as a solicitor for York County, Mr. Paskey’s background as the former First Deputy District Attorney for York County and an assistant attorney general for the state of Minnesota, and Mr. Fenton’s experience as a mental health hearing officer for York County. Currently, our most important victories are the favorable outcomes that we bring about in private practice for many who entrust their legal needs to our attention.

At FrancePaskeySwope, we lend our unique blend of talents to each other’s clients’ cases as needed. We collaborate when appropriate to ensure that our clients have all their legal needs addressed in-house.

Dedicated To Service Here And Beyond

Our commitment to meeting needs does not stop at the law office doors. All of us are integrally involved in the community. We serve on boards of nonprofit organizations and contribute to numerous worthy causes in support of the greater good.

We help you learn how we can support you through your legal challenges. We invite you to get to know us further as you discuss your concerns with one of our lawyers in a thoughtful, thorough initial consultation. Get the dialogue started by filling out our brief online form or by calling 717-931-5994.

FrancePaskeySwope serves clients in York County and surrounding counties of South Central Pennsylvania, and we regularly litigate cases in jurisdictions throughout the state.