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Civil litigation is typically a high-stakes venture. A win or a loss in a civil claim can be a pivotal moment in financial affairs, relations between neighbors, or family law matters. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a civil case, you want to be thoroughly prepared and equipped to give your best efforts. With our firm on your side, you stand a strong chance of a favorable outcome in any contest.

At FrancePaskeySwope, our attorneys have earned a well-deserved reputation for skill and success in civil litigation. We are tough opponents who work hard on behalf of individuals, families and companies. Our firm is available for co-counsel representation of out-of-state clients and other complex legal situations.

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Our firm’s areas of civil litigation include:

Our track record of fierce, thorough representation of a wide range of clients over the years has led to countless referrals from legal colleagues. Our firm’s small size means that you will get personalized attention, but thanks to our team approach, you will also have access to the strengths of several attorneys. Our ample resources can make a great difference in your case.

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Do you wonder if your case is viable? Would you like an experienced litigation attorney’s opinion about how you should proceed? We can help you weigh the odds and make decisions in your own best interest. Should you negotiate a settlement or press forward to court? Draw on our attorneys’ knowledge and experience.

To schedule a consultation with a Pennsylvania lawyer, call 717-931-5994 or email us through this website. We are eager to hear about your pending civil litigation matter and offer recommendations about your next steps.