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Domestic Violence Attorney

If you need an order of protection from a family member or spouse, you can benefit from the help of a York domestic violence attorney.

Too many victims of abuse find themselves struggling to leave the offender because they simply do not believe they have the tools. With the help of the legal system, you can employ strategies proposed by a York domestic violence lawyer to stay safe and enforce consequences against your abusers.

Hope is here in the form of your domestic violence attorney in York, Pennsylvania. FrancePaskeySwope provides no-cost consultations for family law matters, including domestic violence. Let us show you how effective your legal action can be by seeking assistance from a domestic violence lawyer of FrancePaskeySwope in York, Pennsylvania.

Getting A Restraining Order With The Help Of A York Domestic Violence Lawyer

So, what should you do if you think you need a restraining order? Temporary or emergency orders of protection may be issued by magistrates in your area, but those can be so limited that they only last for one to three days.

When you need an order of protection that “sticks,” you can benefit from the services of a York domestic violence lawyer. Our attorneys can assist you in petitioning for protection orders featuring:

  • No-contact provisions that prevent calling, texting, emailing or otherwise contacting the victim
  • Stay-away provisions that require the subject of the order to maintain a certain physical distance from the victim (including home, school and vehicle locations)
  • Move-out provisions that force the abuser to vacate their current living situation
  • And other protective measures to keep you safe

Restraining and protection orders can be handed down by the courts in the absence of the abuser – you will not have to face the person who harmed you in order to receive protection. Protect yourself and your family with the help of an order of protection and a knowledgeable York domestic violence attorney. Contact us now to get started. Call 717-931-5994 or use our email form.