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Simplifying A Divorce With Complex Assets

Dividing the marital estate is rarely simple math, even when couples have modest assets like a house and their 401(k) accounts. It gets exponentially more difficult when you have variables such as separate or commingled assets, real estate or business holdings, or a spouse who is trying to hide assets.

The trial lawyers at FrancePaskeySwope have extensive experience with complex property division. We have litigated divorces throughout Pennsylvania, including thorny, messy cases that other law firms are hesitant to take on. We do not back away from complicated legal issues. In fact, we embrace them. Our team is adept at untangling the knots and presenting viable solutions, but we are always prepared to go to court to protect our clients’ rightful share.

How Things Get Complicated

When we represent anyone in their divorce, we take the time to identify the unique factors that make up their situation so we can have a total understanding of their needs, the obstacles in their divorce and what we need to do to help them. We are familiar with what can make a divorce complicated, including factors such as:

Significant Assets

When a couple has expensive assets, it is important to get an accurate valuation before engaging in settlement negotiations. We have represented clients with closely held businesses, real estate investments, vast stock portfolios, artwork and valuables and more.

Hidden Assets

Sometimes, a spouse may go to great lengths to hide their assets, including by making cash tangible and physically hiding it somewhere, relocating it through money laundering techniques, transferring assets to other parties or even making purchases in someone else’s name. In these cases, we are prepared to employ forensic accounting strategies to locate everything that belongs to the marital estate.

Separate Assets

While Pennsylvania courts use the equitable distribution process to split assets, which attempts to split everything fairly, some assets are exempt from this process. Anything a spouse acquired before the marriage, or that was gifted directly or inherited during the marriage, is considered a separate asset, which is not a part of the division process. However, separate assets can become commingled with marital property, as when one spouse puts money into home improvements or business investments. We can identify these assets and argue how they should be exempt from asset division in your divorce, or litigate the characterization of assets as marital vs. separate property.

Leave The Division Process To Us

We know how to simplify and solve asset division, saving you time and energy in the process. If you are ready to meet with a committed and compassionate team at our York office, contact us by emailing us here or calling 717-931-5994. We look forward to helping you overcome all of your divorce needs, so contact us today!