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Business Valuation And Offsets In Your Divorce

Dividing assets in any divorce can be a complicated process, but for business owners, it can be an especially difficult one. Due to the complex nature of a business and all the variables, it can be hard to be sure you have an accurate valuation of the company before entering negotiations or litigation to divide your assets.

The divorce lawyers of FrancePaskeySwope have experience with complex and high-asset divorces, including business valuations and related details for owners or partners of a closely held business. Our York law firm handles divorces throughout Pennsylvania, including challenging cases that other law firms shy away from. We will help you gauge the value of your business and leverage that to your best advantage.

Finding An Accurate Valuation

Whether you want to sell your share, maintain co-ownership or pursue sole ownership of your family business, you first need to put a dollar value on the enterprise and your ownership stake. As your legal representation, we can seek a professional valuation of your business to ensure it accounts for factors such as the company’s:

  • Total assets
  • Current earnings
  • Liabilities
  • Prospective future income
  • Capital structure
  • Market value of available assets

Sometimes the parties hire one business valuation expert and agree to abide by that appraisal. Our trial lawyers have also litigated business valuation when separate assessments differ wildly. Once we reach a consensus on the value of the business for purposes of divorce, our Pennsylvania lawyers can determine how to proceed based on your personal goals and the ongoing interests of the company. This may involve a lump sum or structured buyout, an offset of other marital assets to balance the property settlement, or other creative solutions involving alimony, debt allocation or future considerations.

Let Us Handle The Legwork

To be sure you are keeping your fair share in your divorce and to protect the business, let our experience be your advantage. Call our York office at 717-931-5994 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with an attorney you can depend on throughout your divorce.