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Marital Asset Division

How can a York marital asset division attorney help you during your divorce? You want to make sure that you leave the marriage with the items you brought in – and a York marital asset division lawyer from FrancePaskey can improve your chances.

With major assets like real estate and retirement accounts on the line, you deserve reassurance that you will get your fair share. With the aid of a York asset division attorney of FrancePaskey you can protect your legal rights and prevent unnecessary financial loss.

The attorneys of FrancePaskey fight for our clients to receive an equitable share of the joint property they have accumulated with their spouse. Instead of a DIY approach, consider the help of a proven, accomplished marital asset division attorney in York, Pennsylvania.

DIY Is Great For Houses, But You Need A York Marital Asset Division Attorney During Divorce

This is the do-it-yourself generation. From home repairs to restaurant-style cooking, we now believe we can tackle any challenge. When it comes to your divorce, though, you might want to think twice before bypassing a York marital asset division lawyer.

You may think that you have a strong grasp on equitable distribution – but your divorce could leave you in the poorhouse if your DIY efforts go south. Advantages of hiring a marital asset division lawyer in York, Pennsylvania, include:

  • Legal compliance. Forms can differ from county to county, and the divorce can be further complicated if one party lives in a different state.
  • Court employees are not customer service representatives. The clerk and other government professionals will not help you walk through your divorce – they simply provide the forms.
  • You may forget important elements such as tax effects of your property division agreements.

Consult With A Leading Marital Asset Division Lawyer In York, Pennsylvania

Even if you do not have large assets to split, you can benefit from the help of a qualified lawyer. You deserve the peace of mind provided by an asset division attorney in York, Pennsylvania. Instead of a DIY approach, invest up front, and get the confidence you need to know your divorce was done right. Contact a York marital asset division attorney of FrancePaskey for a free consultation. Call 717-931-5994 or use our online form.