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DUI Defense Attorneys In York County

Need a York DUI attorney? Don’t let drunk driving charges negatively impact your life – instead, rely on the team at FrancePaskeySwope to provide you with a knowledgeable York DUI defense attorney who can help.

Drunk driving cases are quite common, but the details surrounding your case are what make it unique. When you work with a DUI lawyer in York, Pennsylvania, from FrancePaskeySwope you will have a knowledgeable, experienced York DUI lawyer in your corner to take a close look at all aspects of your case. 

Consulting an experienced York DUI lawyer for your case is essential in avoiding costly fees, jail time and record. As your DUI defense counsel, we will work diligently on your case and help you avoid restrictions and penalties. Our DUI attorneys in York, Pennsylvania, can help you avoid conviction. When arrested and charged, it is essential to have a DUI lawyer working on your behalf. 

Why You Need A York DUI Defense Lawyer

A DUI is a serious offense, and a York DUI lawyer knows how to negotiate. Our DUI lawyers will prepare you for court and help you understand the process.

Your York drunk driving lawyer will go over your legal options and advise you on the best possible path forward. The stakes are high in these cases. These cases can often put you up against:

  • Heavy fines: You’d be surprised at how expensive the fines associated with drunk driving cases can be. These fines alone can be enough to put you in a serious financial bind. By leveraging a York DUI attorney, you can minimize expense.
  • Loss of driving privileges: Losing your ability to drive can be crippling. How will you get to work or transport your family members to where they need to go? As your York DUI lawyer, we will work hard to preserve this important privilege in your life.
  • Jail time: If your drunk driving caused a serious accident or even death, you could be facing serious jail time. Your freedom could be at stake – this is why you must trust your case with only an experienced, qualified York DUI defense attorney.

As your DUI lawyers in York, Pennsylvania, we will look at your case from every angle. Did the police follow the letter of the law when they stopped and tested you? Were your rights kept intact when the police questioned you? There are many important elements to these cases, and our DUI attorneys in York, Pennsylvania, are dedicated to making sure you were treated fairly by the authorities.

Consult With A Qualified Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer In York, Pennsylvania

FrancePaskeySwope provides free consultations for all criminal cases. Connect with our team right now to set up an appointment with our York DUI defense attorney staff. Call our York law office at 717-931-5994 or reach out by email.