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Defense Lawyers For Drug And Alcohol Charges

If law enforcement has levied charges related to drugs or alcohol against you, then it’s important to team up with a capable York drug charge attorney. The staff here at FrancePaskeySwope is ready to go to bat on your behalf, defending your legal rights and helping you reach the best possible conclusion.

An Experienced York Traffic Violations Lawyer

Situations, where drug or alcohol use led to infractions behind the wheel of a vehicle, can come with serious penalties. Drug and drunk driving charges can put your freedom at risk, not to mention put you in line for hefty fines or loss of driving privileges.

As experienced lawyers for alcohol charges in York, Pennsylvania, FrancePaskeySwope is ready to take on your case. We’re traffic lawyers who will work closely with you to:

  • Analyze the outcomes of pleading either guilty or not guilty and selecting a legal route that minimizes the impact of your charges. A York alcohol charge lawyer should make it their top priority to lessen the blow of these charges on your everyday life.
  • Analyze whether or not law enforcement followed the letter of the law when they arrested and charged you. A York drug charge attorney will advocate for you and scrutinize the actions of law enforcement. Did the police unlawfully search your vehicle? Is there reason to believe a breathalyzer test might be inaccurate? We make sure your legal rights are kept intact.
  • Find ways to retain your driving privileges. As a York traffic lawyer, we know that having your license suspended can cripple your everyday routine both professionally and personally. We will do our best to help you hold on to your driving privileges.

Team Up With An Attentive, Helpful Drug Charge Attorney In York, Pennsylvania

At FrancePaskeySwope, we truly care about the well-being of our clients. We offer compassionate legal representation that is in tune with your needs. Whether you made an error in judgment or are completely innocent of your charges, we have York drug charge attorneys who are ready to help you navigate your case. Schedule a free consultation right now to get started. Call 717-931-5994 or use our online form.