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Skilled Navigation Through High-Asset Divorce

The most common sticking point in any divorce is the division of assets. For couples with significant wealth and complex holdings, this process can be especially difficult. At the outset of a high-asset divorce, you need to be sure the legal representation you choose is prepared to handle the challenges and protect your financial stake.

At FrancePaskeySwope, we have built our business on taking cases that other law firms are scared to touch. This includes high-conflict, high-stakes divorces. We have litigated complex property divisions in divorce cases across Pennsylvania. Opposing counsel is sometimes surprised that our little firm in York provides such strong and sophisticated advocacy. You need every edge you can get when your financial future is on the line.

We represent professionals, business owners and other high earners seeking to protect their hard-earned wealth. We also represent the stay-at-home or lesser-earning spouse seeking to secure their marital share under the equitable distribution laws of Pennsylvania.

How Our Team Is Here For You

We understand every client we represent has unique needs in their divorce, and we do everything we can to protect those goals and interests. Our extensive family law experience has taught us to take a meticulous approach to these cases to ensure we have all the information we need to divide the assets in your divorce. We can help untangle the complications of assets, including:

  • Stock options and deferred compensation
  • Retirement accounts and QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders)
  • Businesses and business assets
  • Real estate, including out-of-state property
  • Cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles
  • Commingled assets
  • Separate property vs. marital property
  • Validity of prenuptial agreements

One of the keys to our success in these family law issues is flexibility. While we help our clients establish goals for their asset division, we also stress the reminder that remaining fixated on a specific goal, like keeping a vacation home, can cost you dearly in the big picture. We employ all our negotiation techniques to pursue mutually beneficial results for everyone while also upholding your best interests.

Keep Your Fair Share In Your Divorce

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer you can depend on to represent your needs throughout your divorce, contact our York office today. Call us at 717-931-5994 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation. Take the first step to resolving your divorce and entering the next chapter of your life!