How do you know that you have found the right York real estate law firm? At FrancePaskey, we work hard to make sure our clients are exceptionally satisfied with our service from start to finish.

From the initial consultation through the final result, we are by your side as your trusted partner. A York real estate lawyer from FrancePaskey can support your residential or commercial real estate deals throughout the entire process, protecting your rights and preventing you from entering into an unfair contract. With four high-powered legal minds on your side, you will never want another York escrow lawyer.

Why you may need to enlist the help of a York real estate law firm

Many people think only of involving their realtor in their home purchase, but a York real estate lawyer can be an excellent asset, especially if you are purchasing high-value properties.

Purchase agreements are the most important element of any real estate transaction, but you are taking a big risk if you do not have the agreement approved by a real estate law attorney in York PA. Not only can your attorney help you with potential tax implications caused by a property sale — your real estate law firm in York PA can also assist with provisions to cover:

  • Unexpected hazards on the property, including chemical contaminants, pests and asbestos
  • Legal consequences associated with failing to close on a property
  • Determining whether property alterations were completed lawfully
  • And more

Too often, your real estate agent will simply print off a contract without paying attention to the specific needs of a buyer or the unusual attributes of a property. If you are investing a hefty sum, you need a real estate settlement attorney in York PA on your side.


Be confident in your real estate transactions!

A member of our team can provide contract oversight and assistance to give you the confidence you need and deserve. Let FrancePaskey be your York real estate law firm of choice — contact us today to learn more.