Effective York DWI defense lawyers need the skills and experience necessary to fight for you, even when your situation is complex. The attorneys at FrancePaskey are those lawyers. With more than a half of a century of combined experience between our attorneys, we know what it takes to win a DWI case. That’s why so many have turned to us when they needed it the most.

One bad decision shouldn’t ruin your life

Our York drunk driving lawyers understand that you aren’t defined by one mistake. While the court systems tend to want to hang you out to dry, the attorneys at FrancePaskey will work to minimize the impact of your charges.

  • Our clients with drunk driving charges tend to serve less jail time, or none at all. Where other lawyers might settle at your expense, we fight to ensure your family doesn’t suffer unnecessarily with finances, as well as mental pain and anguish associated with extended jail time.
  • While we certainly don’t condone drunk driving, we believe that many who hire us as their York DWI defense lawyers are charged needlessly, when a simple traffic violation or other means of punishment could have sufficed. To this end, we fight to make sure our clients don’t suffer from disproportionate punishment.

Be aware of your rights with the help of knowledgeable DWI defense lawyers in York PA

Though law enforcement officials are required to read you your rights, what they tell you doesn’t often include all of your rights. That’s why you need the best York drunk driving lawyers on your side to ensure your rights are protected and your punishment fits the actual crime.

FrancePaskey serves as the best York DWI defense lawyers. We have the history of success and reputation of getting the job done. If you want the best, simply give us a call and put us to work fighting on your side.