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3 tips for improving communications with your coparent

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Family Law

Sharing parenting duties with someone else in Pennsylvania is not always easy. However, there are certain things you might do to improve communications with your child’s other parent and make your coparenting relationship easier.

According to Women’s Health, successful coparenting requires both parents to prioritize the child’s well-being over their own preferences or desires. It also requires both parents to contribute to their child’s day-to-day lives and interact with one another in a respectful manner. If the coparenting relationship you currently have with your ex is not what it should be, consider making the following efforts to improve interactions between you.

1. Have a set schedule – but maintain flexibility

Many childrearing arguments arise over scheduling conflicts or disagreements. Having a set schedule in writing should help you avoid many such conflicts. However, keep in mind that, sometimes, you may need the other parent to work with you and modify schedules when the situation calls for it. If you expect the other parent to do this for you, then you need to be ready to do the same for him or her.

2. Agree on major decisions

You and your child’s other parent are never going to agree on everything. However, it benefits your child if you share at least a basic level of agreement when it comes to things like academics, religious upbringing and so on.

3. Attend events together

It is also good for your child to see that you and the other parent are able to come together when doing so is important for your child. For example, if your son or daughter plays an instrument or sport, learn how to attend concerts or sporting events at the same time as your former partner.

The more you and your ex work on coparenting effectively together, the better off your child is going to be.