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What are some commonalities between all divorces?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Family Law

Going through a divorce can feel like a very lonely experience. You may even feel like your divorce has been harder than anyone else’s.

But it may make you feel better to know there are things that are the same in every divorce. These things happen regardless of age, income level or even where you file.

The ability to control the process

Every couple goes into the divorce with the ability to control how it happens and the way it unfolds. You have the ability to work with your spouse to speed things up and make them easier, or you can be combative and require a court trial. While you cannot control how your spouse will react, you can at least do your part to maintain some oversight on how things proceed.

The filing and process

Regardless of any other factors, all divorces begin with the filing of a petition. You can file first if you want or wait for your spouse to file. From there, the process will involve negotiations to try to work out the details of the separation agreement. If you cannot agree, the court will step in. All divorces end with a judgment by the court that finalizes the divorce decree and legally ends the marriage.


There will always be differences between divorce cases. That is inevitable because everyone’s lives are different. You and your spouse may not get along or be able to reach an agreement, which will make your experience different from a couple who is able to agree. Just remember that the basics remain the same for everyone. Nobody gets preferential treatment or has different rules because they are older or have more money.