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Is your vehicle increasing your risk of a DUI stop?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Drunk Driving Charges

If you enjoy beer, wine or liquor, you have probably driven when you should not have at one point or another. Still, because Pennsylvania has some of the country’s toughest drunk driving enforcement, your luck is not likely to last forever. Eventually, you may find yourself sitting beside the road during a DUI stop.

Generally, officers must have reasonable suspicion to pull over a vehicle. When it comes to DUI enforcement, this reasonable suspicion may come from speeding, swerving or even having a broken tail light. Unfortunately, the type of vehicle you drive may also put you on an officer’s radar.

Do you drive this type of pickup truck?

According to reporting from The Drive, one out of every 22 Dodge Ram 2500 drivers have had a DUI arrest. This figure is about twice the national average. Furthermore, Dodge Ram 2500 trucks play a role in more DUI-related accidents than any other vehicle on the road today.

Are you at risk of extra scrutiny?

Law enforcement officers across the Keystone State undoubtedly are aware of the comparatively high DUI rate among drivers of Dodge Ram 2500 pickups. While officers may not own up to it, you may receive extra scrutiny simply because of the type of vehicle you drive. This is especially true if you drive during times when drunk driving is more common.

Even though you may be able to trade in your Ram 2500 for a different vehicle, you love your truck. Ultimately, if you are a Dodge Ram 2500 driver, it is advisable not to press your luck after a night on the town.