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What are some signs of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Family Law

If you notice your ex-spouse taking advantage of your children and trying to frame you as a negative force in your children’s lives, then you may be noticing a common phenomenon with divorced parents.

This behavior is often called parental alienation. It can start at any time, which makes it a tactic that you need to watch out for while taking care of your children.

Fewer positive reactions

According to Psychology Today, you may notice your children becoming increasingly more likely to insult you or ignore you after alienation happens. They may secretly assume you dislike them, due to lies your ex-spouse told them at some point.

This oversharing happens in order to turn your children against you and cause tension between you both.

Increased anger

In some cases, children may show bursts of anger that happen seemingly out of nowhere. Yelling or screaming, along with completely ignoring what you say or ask them to do, can cause a giant rift between you and them.

The underlying anger in their reactions can come from lies your ex-spouse told them, which serve to turn them against you.

Sudden lack of engagement

If you notice you suddenly stop getting invited to school activities or parent-teacher conferences, then you may be the victim of alienation. The other parent specifically withholding information or dates for events that your children attend is one tactic that can make a child think you do not care enough to attend.

The lack of opportunities to bond can lead to an even worse rift between you and your children, which can make it hard to talk openly and honestly. Noticing the signs of alienation can help you determine what to do next.