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Statistics on divorce in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Family Law

If you are thinking about the benefits of divorce but are unsure whether this is the right move, you need to take many factors into consideration, especially if you are a parent. Sometimes, divorce makes the most sense and can help people move on from a dysfunctional relationship.

Reviewing statistics on the prevalence of divorce is helpful. You should know that you are not alone and many people end their marriages in Pennsylvania each year.

How many people get divorced in Pennsylvania every year?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, more than 28,800 couples got a divorce or annulment in Pennsylvania over the course of 2020. On the other hand, 58,960 couples got married during 2020. In York County alone, more than 1,000 couples got a divorce or annulment during 2020.

Couples decide to end their marriage for a host of reasons, from infidelity to incompatibility. If you make the decision to file for a divorce, you should not feel guilty and you need to realize that many other couples are facing the same challenges.

Are fewer people getting divorced?

2020 saw fewer divorces and annulments than recent years, such as 2019, when more than 32,900 couples got a divorce or annulment. In 2018, over 33,400 people got a divorce or annulment. However, it is also important to note that fewer couples got married during 2020 (58,960) compared to 2019 (68,512).

2020 was an especially difficult year and it is possible that divorces could increase during 2021 and in the coming years. Make sure you carefully work through the divorce process if you decide to end your marriage.