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Separation and Divorce-how is it affecting your children?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Firm News

A separation or divorce can be an emotional time for a couple. The spouses are dealing with changes from their living arrangements to their finances. But children can also feel the effects of their parents’ separation or divorce.

Here is some information explaining how separations and divorces affect children. As well as details on ways to help ease these trying times for them:

How Separation and Divorce Affect Your Children

Children may start to spend a lot of time by themselves after a separation. They are trying to figure out why their parents do not want to live together. And they may spend many hours trying to develop a plan to bring their parents back together. Often, children believe they did something to cause their parent’s separation.

Here are some more ways separation and divorce affect children:

• Grades may start to decrease
• Anger and depression starts due to feelings of worry or abandonment
• Unable to sleep at night
• Changes in eating habits
• Difficulty socializing with other children
• Drug and alcohol use for older children
• Criminal activity by older children

How Parents Can Help Children Cope

It is important for both parents to help their children during these difficult times. Parents should show positive behaviors in front of the children. They should not have conflicts about separation issues while the children are around. Parents should make holidays and special events peaceful times for the whole family.

How Attorneys in York Pa May Help You with a Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce are difficult times for the whole family. A FrancePaskey attorney may be able to help you with the complex laws of separation and divorce.