Regardless of how old you are, or the amount of wealth you have accumulated, teaming with local York estate planning lawyers to get a strong, comprehensive plan in place is important. Here at FrancePaskey, we have an outstanding team of estate planning attorneys that can help guide you in this process.

An estate plan is more than just organizing a last will and testament — although, that is an important tool. From designating legal guardians for your minor children to creating a living will to empower someone to make decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated, our York estate planning attorneys will make sure that you have a comprehensive plan in place


What our estate planning lawyers in York PA can do for you

You can feel free to treat our estate planning attorneys in York PA as an available resource for all your estate planning needs. This includes:

  • Creating an estate plan: Our York estate planning lawyers can consult with you, get an idea for how you want your estate to be arranged, and take the necessary legal steps to create a legally binding plan.
  • Modifying your plan: An estate plan is an ever-changing entity — it’s not enough to set it and forget it. When life-changing events (i.e. divorce, death of a spouse, etc.) occur, your plan needs to reflect certain adjustments. Our estate planning attorneys in York PA can re-visit and make changes to your plan.

Our York Estate planning lawyers want to make sure that you stay in the know every step of the way. This is your wealth and legacy we’re dealing with — we want you to have the confidence that comes with knowing the fate of your estate both now, and when you pass away.


Connect with one of our York estate planning attorneys

It’s not particularly fun to talk about what will happen when you die, but it’s an important conversation to have — both for yourself and for your family.

FrancePaskey can put you in touch with highly qualified York estate planning lawyers to help guide you in this process.