When you find yourself in legal hot water, you need a reliable York criminal defense firm. No matter whether you have been charged with smaller crimes like drug possession, or you are facing a more intense allegation such as trafficking, you deserve a capable and dedicated York PA criminal drug lawyer.

Although you may be nervous meeting with your criminal defense attorney for the first time, rest assured that your representative from FrancePaskey can provide you with information and answers that allow you to make the best decisions in your own legal case. FrancePaskey has been a trusted criminal defense firm in York PA for more than 20 years. We care about our clients and work hard to promote your rights in court.


Enlisting the help of a York criminal defense firm
Does the lawyer really make the difference in your criminal defense case? At FrancePaskey, we know that conviction rates and general outcomes tend to be less reliable for those clients who represent themselves or seek only the help of a public defender.

Drug crimes are among the most common charges in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states — and our York PA criminal drug lawyer team has the experience to protect and advocate for you in court. What happens if you are convicted of a drug crime in Pennsylvania?

  • Sanctions do vary, with most penalties determined by the amount and nature of the drugs in your possession.
  • The intent to distribute the drugs can dramatically increase the nature of the potential consequences you face because of a drug conviction.
  • In addition to punishments such as probation or jail time, a drug conviction can have unintended effects – many students with drug convictions are unable to access federal student loans, for instance.

Many Pennsylvania residents do not realize the total impact that a conviction could have on their lives — if only they had enlisted the help of a York criminal defense firm earlier. When you need help protecting your assets and future in court, it is time to call FrancePaskey.