Are you facing a divorce, and you are not sure whether you need a York child support attorney? At FrancePaskey, we have helped scores of local parents with their child support needs, providing them with reliable answers from a trusted York child support lawyer. 

Even those parents who have been through the process before — or who are simply seeking a child support adjustment — can benefit from the help of a FrancePaskey child support attorney in York PA. Our York child support lawyer can make sure that you understand the terms of your agreement and feel prepared to comply. 

No matter whether you are a divorcing parent, or you were never married to your child’s other parent, you can benefit from the help of a child support lawyer in York PA. As your York child support attorney, we understand the process is complicated and unique to your family situation. Rest assured, our child support attorney in York PA will work on your behalf to get what you deserve. 

What can a York child support attorney do for you?

Some clients do not realize that child support adjustments may be necessary after fairly common life events. These include moves (especially interstate), changes in parents’ financial situations and even children “aging out” of child support. 

You may be surprised to learn, for instance, that your child support agreement requires you to make specific payments even when a child is in college. Avoid an unpleasant surprise with the help of a York child support lawyer.

Modifications to child support are not altogether uncommon. You may experience a change in the amount you pay if:

  • Your income is substantially altered (as either the payer and the recipient)
  • Your child’s needs suddenly increase — for instance, they are diagnosed with an illness or require additional care
  • You suffer a debilitating illness that affects your ability to work
  • And a variety of other circumstances occur

Instead of petitioning the court on your own, why not consider help from a York child support attorney? Choosing a professional child support lawyer in York PA for support gives you more confidence in the court’s decision — and we can maximize your chances for a positive result. Let our knowledgeable York child support lawyer and team at FrancePaskey start working for you today.