As an employee, you have legal rights, and when you feel like those rights are being infringed upon, it’s important to consult with the York best employment law attorney available.

FrancePaskey is a trusted resource for men and women who find themselves in such situations. As an experienced labor law attorney in York PA, our legal professionals will work tirelessly to hold an employer accountable for wrongdoing and ensure you are compensated appropriately.


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As a longtime York labor law attorney, FrancePaskey has experience — and success — working with clients on a variety of these cases. Some of the most common forms of employee law cases include:

  • Retaliation: If company leaders fire or otherwise punish in response to your attempts to hold them accountable, it’s important to connect with the best employment law attorney in York PA by calling FrancePaskey. Retaliation is often a tactic used against whistleblowers, who expose something unscrupulous or illegal about a business.
  • Discrimination: As one of the longtime employment law firms in York PA, we know that, often, employees can be discriminated against based on their gender, nationality, religious beliefs and more. Our team can work to prove discrimination and seek accountability and compensation.
  • Hours and wages: As the York best employment law attorney, FrancePaskey can help you address concerns with both hours and wages, including unpaid overtime and similar tactics that companies use to save money.


Make FrancePaskey your choice labor law attorney in York PA

Unfortunately, employees are often taken for granted — but you have the legal right to fight back against unfair treatment. If you suspect you’re the victim of labor law violations, consult with FrancePaskey and see why many consider us to be the York best employment law attorney.